SpyClient Documentation

SpyClient is a client implementation of the Airspy SpyServer protocol for Python 3. SpyServer is a server application for accessing and controlling Software Defined Radio hardware over a network.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started

To use SpyClient in your Python code, import the SpyClient class from the spyclient module:

from spyclient import SpyClient

Next, create a new instance of the SpyClient() class:

client = SpyClient()

By default SpyClient will try connect to SpyServer running on the same host ( If this is not the case, the server host and port can be specified when creating a SpyClient() instance:

client = SpyClient("", 5555)

Alternatively, the server host and port can be specified after SpyClient() is initialised:

client = SpyClient()
client.host = ""
client.port = 5555

The client name which appears in the SpyServer log can be set using the .name attribute. By default this name is "SpyClient for Python [PACKAGE VERSION]".

client.name = "SpyClient for Python"